Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January Earnings Overview

Hello everyone!

I'm going to share with you all of the sites that paid me in the month of January and how much they paid me: (You can click on the names to join them - for captchatrader I would love it if you'd fill in "xEva" as your referrer. :))

Captchatrader: $2.35
Paysnork: $0.45
Birejji: $0.25
ToneADay: $4.54
PostingForCash: $0.50
Triond: 1.45
Onbux: $2.99
Neobux: $3.04
Incrasebux: $1.92
==> I have earned a total of $17.49 in January.

Some of these sites I have not mentioned before, like birejji, this is another paid to chat site like paysnork. Triond is a site where you get paid to write articles, this is another way to earn some easy money. Toneaday was a great site until they changed their policy last month, I don't recommend you to join! And postingforcash is an online forum, really fun to do and you can earn quite fast.


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  2. Congratulations on your combined January blogging, writing, and chatting revenue of $17 using Birejji, Captchatrader, Incrasebux, Neobux, Onbux, Paysnork, PostingForCash, ToneADay, and Triond. I'm sure that by 31 December 2011, you will have reached your realistic goal.